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* Employees Retirement/VR/Resignation/Expired taken from 01.04.15 to


** Including 3 employees of erstwhile VVNL on 31.03.2016

Break up in Corporate Cadre

Engineering Professionals - 2048 Other Professionals - 374

  1. Public Deposits

The Corporation has stopped accepting the deposits from Public from Nov. 2002. Deposits from past and present employees were accepted/renewed till September 2005. At the end of the year, unclaimed deposits stood at `12.82 lakhs. These are pending because of litigations by the claimants in various Courts. Unclaimed deposits over 7 years have been transferred to Investors Protection & Education Fund.

  1. Auditors

  1. Statutory Auditor:

The C&AG have appointed M/s Suri& Company, Chartered Accountants, as the Statutory Auditors for the year 2015-16.The auditors visited all accounting units, verified the records, obtained explanations and finalized the audit work in a reasonable time.

(ii) Internal Auditors:

External Chartered Accountants were appointed during the year 2015-16, in order to strengthen the Internal Audit at RTPS, BTPS and Hydro stations.

(iii) Cost Auditor:

Government of India has introduced cost audit for Generation Companies from financial year 2005-06. The Company has appointed M/s NS& Associates, Cost Accountants as Cost Auditors for the year 2015-16. Cost Auditors have carried cost audit and have furnished their report and the same will be filed with MCA after taking the same on record.

(iv) Secretarial Auditors:

M/s K Narayana Swamy & Co., Company Secretaries were appointed as Secretarial Auditors to carry out the Secretarial Audit for the year 2015-16 pursuant to Section 204 and the applicable Rules (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) of the Companies Act 2013. Report of the Secretarial Auditors is annexed herewith as

Annexure B

to this Report.

  1. Review by the Comptroller & Auditor General

Comments on working results of the Corporation by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is annexed herewith as

Annexure C

to this Report.

  1. Particulars as per Companies (Particulars of Employees) Rules 1975 and as amended

None of the employees of the Company was in receipt of remuneration amounting to `60,00,000 and above per annum or at the rate of `5,00,000 and above per month during the financial year.

  1. Subsidiary Company, Joint Venture and allied activities

The Corporation has a Subsidiary Company viz. KPC Bidadi Power Corporation (Private) Ltd. which has been established to implement the combined cycle project at Bidadi near Bangalore. Joint Venture Companies where the Corporation is a stake holder are as under :

  1. Raichur Power Corporation Limited.

  2. Karnataka EMTA Coal Mines Limited.

  3. Bengal Birbhum Coalfields Limited.

Statements as required under Section 129 of the Companies Act 2013 is attached as -

Annexure E

  1. IT and Computerization

The Corporation has taken a number of IT initiatives to meet its business commitments. Some of the IT activities/infrastructure are as detailed below:

  1. Hardware platform


Provided Blade Servers and Rack Servers with windows 2008 at corporate office and projects. Provided Core to Duo/i3/i5 PCs with Windows 7/8 and MS office 2010/2013 software and printers up to the level of Executive Engineers and all critical users at corporate office and projects.

  1. Connectivity


Established; OFC connectivity between all major power houses and office complex, Local Area Network and Wide Area Network through MPLS/MLLN circuits of BSNL at corporate and major project offices. Provided internet and mailing up to the level of Executive Engineers and critical users.

  1. Application Software


The application software developed and implemented are:

  1. Fuel Management System

  2. Integrated Inventory Management System.

  3. Bank Guarantee Management System.

  4. Cash & Compilation Management System.

  5. Fixed Asset Management System.

  6. Salary & Pension.

  7. Provident Fund.

  8. Generation Management System

  9. Plant Monitoring System.

  10. Drawing Management System.

  11. Human Resource Information System.

  12. Disciplinary Proceedings System.

  13. Training System.

  14. Hospital Management System.

  15. Management Information System.

  16. Inward and outward.

In-house efforts are being made to move from island and disparate software to develop and implement in house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. In this direction, teams have been formed to address user requirements of software on three broad categories viz. Technical, Finance & Accounts and Human Resource. Necessary steps would be taken to integrate Inventory, Generation, Finance & Accounts and Human Resource software to bring on a single common platform to avoid redundant data entry and to generate reports online

  1. Website


Redesigned the Website in bilingual (English and Kannada) and provided new links for Joint Ventures, Tenders awarded, Media centre, National training centre for solar technology, uploading of tenders from all project sites and Bengaluru offices, etc.

  1. Other software


AutoCAD, STAAD, Adobe software and e-tab are being used extensively at Design offices. Oracle 9i/11g database, Oracle 10g Application server, Oracle Forms 6i and Reports 6i are used for application software.

  1. E-procurement:

Government of Karnataka e-procurement portal is being used for procurement of goods and services as per the transparency act at corporate office and project sites as per KTTP Act.

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning :

Computerization carried out by development and implementation of software by in-house team in stages to automate various functional areas like Finance and Accounting, Asset Management, Salary and Pension, Human Resource, Fuel management, Purchase and Inventory Management, Operations and Maintenance, Generation Management, Provident fund management, Hospital management, etc. to meet some of the needs of the Corporation, which communicate to each other in a limited way, lack of true enterprise wide business processing and existence of manual intervention, which implies that there is a scope for significant improvement in the present software. Hence, it has been decided to implement Enterprise Resource Planning solution across KPCL. Implementation of enterprise wide ERP solution requires lot of expertise on issue such as licensing, preparation of RFP, planning, implementation and roll out ERP solution, hence, corporation has availing the consultancy services from M/s PWC Pvt. Ltd. for implementation ERP solution across KPCL.

  1. Extract of Annual Return

Extract of Annual Return of the Company in Form MGT-9 is annexed herewith as

Annexure D

to this Report.

  1. Corporate Communications

  1. Important Events

  1. Directors’ Responsibility Statement:

Pursuant to Section 134(5) of the Companies Act, 2013, the directors wish to state that to the best of their knowledge:

  1. General

The Board would like to place on record its appreciation of the following:

The Board would also like to place on record its appreciation of the dedicated services rendered by the employees of the Corporation. For& on behalf of the Board of Directors
Sd/- (Siddaramaiah) Chairman Place: Bangalore

Dated: 29.09.2016

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iii) Deputation to foreign countries - Directors’ report

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iii) Deputation to foreign countries

There were no deputation of officials to foreign countries during the year.

  1. Deputation of employees to other organizations

The services of the employees of the Corporation are sought by GoK and other Organisations. During the year, services of 03 Engineers were spared on deputation basis.

  1. Employees Strength

Particulars of employees

As on 31.3.2016

As on 31.3.2015

Total strength **









Deployment on Construction & Erection



Deployment on O & M



Deployment on auxiliary service



Entry of employees



Exit of employees *



Exit of employees under VES



SC employees – in percentage



ST employees – in percentage



Handicapped employees in percentage






Man/MW ratio




Progress review meeting with BHEL and their vendors at HO/KPCL


COPU meeting at HO/KPCL


Meeting with Foreign Delegates, KREDL at Board Room HO KPCL


YTPS Switch Yard priority bay charged


Solar photovoltaic power plant 10 MW commissioned at Shivasamudram, Mandya District


Progress review meeting with BHEL and their vendors reg.


COPU Meeting at HO/KPCL


HOD Meeting at Yelahanka Plant


Sir M Vishweshvaraiah Birth day Celebration in Shakthi Bhavan


A cheque for Rs.41,40,66,860/- towards payment of dividend for the year 2014-15 handed over to GOK


Nagjhari Unit-6 (Kali project) uprated from 135 MW to 150 MW


BTPS Unit -3 synchronised on oil and coal


Meeting with BHEL in connection with YTPS and BTPS works at HO/KPCL


A presentation on online Emission Control Monitoring System by NEVCO Engineer, Chennai


YTPS Unit -1 Synchronised with Oil


Major Fire mishap at Sharavathi Genarating Station at AB Site(Sharavathi Project)


Hon’ble Energy Minister Press Meet at HO/KPCL regarding power crisis


YTPS Unit-2 boiler light up achieved


BTPS Generation achieved highest generation in a day 26.517 Mu


BTPS Unit -3 (1x700 MW) Full Load achieved


Highest generation of 2.123 MU on a day and 62.50 MU in a Month, during March 2016 at MGHE


Contract agreement between KPCL and BHEL for EPC works of YCCGP


7th Unit of SGS resumed power generation after restoration


7th Unit of SGS is officially inaugurated by Hon’ble Energy Minister Sri DK Shivakumar, Sri Kagodu Thimmappa, Hon’ble Speaker, Vidhan Sabha and Sri Kimmane Rathnakar, Hon’ble Education Minister


YTPS Unit-1 Synchronised with Coal


YTPS Unit-1 successfully attained the load of 818.87 MW against the full load of 800 MW at 12 hours


6th Unit of SGS resumed power generation after restoration


YTPS turbine(HP,IP and LP) erection completed and put to barring gear


Registration of 98 acres of Land at Yelahanka Completedat Sub Registrar Office, Yelahanka


8th Unit of SGS resumes power generation after restoration


Meeting held with BWSSB to expedite the action for supply of 15 MLD water for YCCGP


Highest RTPS Generation of 41.588 MU at a PLF of 100.70%


Sri M Maheshwara Rao IAS, Managing Director of KPCL transferred


Sri G. Kumar Naik, IAS., took charge as Managing Director of KPCL


Use of Washed Coal at RTPS internal Review Meeting at HO/KPCL


MD reviewed the YCCGP site progress with KPCL and BHEL staff


YTPS Station Transformer (125 MVA) ST-2 Charged


HRSG Foundation excavation works Started at YCCGP


Meeting with M/s. GAIL officials held at HO/KPCL the Gas transportation Agreement and Gas Supply Agreement issues


35th Engineers Day function held at Bangalore


Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Energy Minister, GOK inaugurated Commencement of 1x370 MW YCCGP works at Yelahanka plant site


9th Unit of SGS at 14.58 HRS resumes power generation after restoration


125th Birthday of Dr. BR Ambedkar celebrated at Bangalore


Signing of MoU between KPCL and SCCL for supply of 70 lakh Metric Tonnes of Coal for BTPS and YTPS


10th Unit of SGS at 04.00 HRS resumes power generation after restoration


3rd Unit of SGS at 05.20 HRS resumes power generation after restoration


47th KPCL Foundation Day celebrated


YTPS Unit 2 of 800 MW synchronised with oil


BTPS Unit 3 of 700 MW achieved commercial operation